Dangerous slavery

It is difficult for people with empty stomachs to receive or understand the gospel. Message of hope does not resonate with those who are oppressed and terrified. Message of Moses regarding their deliverance did not excite them as Pharaoh was not willing to let them go. “Moses spoke thus to the people of Israel, but they did not listen to Moses, because of their broken spirit and harsh slavery.” (Exodus 6:9)
1) Broken spirit: When a person’s mind is filled with hopelessness, a/he becomes broken in spirit. When such people do not have any source of help, they are disillusioned. Harsh environment like slavery, horror of punishment like that of taskmasters extracting work and emotional scars could create a broken spirit. When the oppressor seems to be all powerful and the victim is overwhelmed by powerlessness.
2) Harsh slavery: First, they endured spiritual slavery. Worshiped the gods of the oppressors in Egypt. (Exodus 20: 6-9) Second, it was a physical slavery. They were confined to ghettos and had no way or means of escape. Third, Political slavery under oppressive Pharoah denied them right to live or other rights known as human rights in the modern world. Four, mental slavery of accepting the status quo or fatalism. Even when they were delivered, they had slave mindset, and preferred return to Egypt. Five, being a slave and live under oppression is emotional slavery.
Even today many people are unable to receive the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ because of broken spirit and harsh slavery. Broken spirit could be due to the sense of fear, shame and guilt. Sin, addiction to sinful activities, fear of consequences, and sense of guilt before God could lead to broken spirit. Instead of brooding in the brokenness, they should be encouraged to look to Lord Jesus Christ who is the only deliverer. Spiritual deliverance leads to freedom from other oppression and slavery. As God delivered the children of Israel from the super oppression of super power Egypt, he delivers; individuals, families, communities, people groups and nations.
Do I enjoy freedom from broken spirit and harsh slavery?