Kingdom Paradigm

Several nations have laws that allow the Nation to take land or other resources for the service of the nation. The citizens are expected to give up, though it could hurt them. As citizens they have the obligation to provide for the welfare or progress of the nation. In the same way, for the Kingdom of God, few citizens in the Kingdom are expected to give, sacrifice for the greatest cause and welfare of the Kingdom.

There are many godly people who go through distress, apparently for no known reason. One old woman has been in a coma for twelve years. Another couple lost their only daughter due to brain fever. Amy Carmichael became bedridden after an accident and ministered for twenty years.

The common thinking of each person is to keep oneself at the Centre and others form a concentric circle. This pattern is also used in personal prayer of many believers. The personal prayer begins with oneself, then family, extended family, relatives, fellow believers, friends, Christian workers like missionaries, people in authority, other national and global needs. The thought begins or originates with ‘me’ as Centre.

However, God expects a different thought pattern. The first and foremost is the Kingdom of God. “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Mathew 6:33) In this thought process, the last and least one is me. It is the reverse of the common thinking pattern. This thinking sequence is evidenced in the Lord’s prayer. The prayer puts the Kingdom ahead of the Will of God and the daily human needs including bread.

Kingdom thinking helps us to understand the perspective and priority of God and His Sovereign rule. The need of the Kingdom becomes greater than our need so are the priorities.
Our life should be ordered to change the sequence of personal prayers so that it represents God’s perspective. Beginning with His Kingdom, to our nation, the city we live (Jeremiah 29:7), the local church, our professional organization, friends, then family and self.

Do I have a Kingdom thought pattern?