Deadly opposition

Many opportunities are lost by the people of God. Reluctant and hesitant attempts will not give the desired results. Boldness and shrewdness are essential to defeat enemies.
Cyrus: God gave favor in the eyes of Cyrus the Great King of Persia who ruled 30 years from 559 to 530 BC. In the first year of his reign, he gave orders for the Temple to be built in Jerusalem and for exiles to return as prophesized by Prophet Jeremiah. (Ezra 1:1-4) When they came to Jerusalem to build, the Samaritans told the Zerubbabel that they would join the project. Though they do not believe in Jehovah or Judaism, they wanted a partnership, which was rejected. So, they obstructed the Jews so that they could not build the temple. (Ezra 4:1-5) As Satan uses multiple strategies, enemies of the people of God also use such strategies.
Discouraged: When the offer for partnership from Samaritans was rejected, they started discouraging the Jews from building the temple. Discourage means to stop someone from doing something by persuading them they cannot do it, or it is not a worthy thing, or they will fail in their efforts. Though Jews saw God’s hand in giving them release from captivity, orders to build the temple, and resources for building the temple, they lost hope in the deceptive words of Samaritans.
Made them afraid: The Samaritans also threatened them, probably to harm them by force or violence. The Jewish people had endured slavery for 70 years in Babylon, they came to Jerusalem with much hope. However, their hope and dreams were fragile. Already fatigued and weary, they were scared when threatened by Samaritans.
Bribed counselor: Wily Samaritans also sent false prophets who feigned as counselors or consultants. These fake advisors were sponsored by the Samaritans. They did the same trick against Nehemiah also. (Nehemiah 6:13)
Delay if not defeat: Satan wants to defeat the purpose of God. He could never defeat God’s ultimate purpose but would try to delay the fulfillment of God’s plan. People of God should discern the strategies of Satan and defeat him instead.
Am I discerning to defeat Satan’s attacks?

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