Foolish Leaders

Many foolish leaders do not understand or discern the circumstances and God’s voice. Especially when things are not conducive or favorable, it is good to do introspection. Prophet Haggai called upon the people to consider their ways. (Haggai 1:5-7) Instead, they add to their sins by disregarding God’s warnings.
God’s love: God loved His people, but people did not respond positively. The Kingdom of Judah continuously rebelled against God. First, God did not give them up and was persistent. He kept on sending like waves, his messengers, and prophets. Second, God had compassion for his people and showed that through his representatives. Third, God was concerned that the people who had got the Promised Land and Holy City should not lose them. However, they responded by mocking his messengers and rejecting the prophets. (II Chronicles 36:15-16)
Mocking messengers: Mocking messengers means to mock the original sender of the message. Since they did not have the fear of the Lord, they did not respect the messengers of the Lord. Mocking, scorning, and ridiculing others is to humiliate the sender, God in this context. The chosen people of God were reckless in mocking the messengers.
Rejecting Word: The chosen Nation were habitual offenders. They repeatedly rejected God’s Word. In fact, when Moses brought the Ten Commandments to them, they had already rejected it by worshipping idols led by Aaron. It was not read by priests, copied by kings, preached in the temple, and taught in the villages and towns. If people reject God’s Word, He will reject them, the more dangerous and fearful thing is their children too will be forgotten. (Hosea 4:6)
Rejecting prophets: Israel had specialized in rejecting, opposing, and killing the prophets. The next generation-built memorials for the prophets murdered by their forefathers. (Luke 11:47) God sent His prophets to proclaim the truth and call people to repent and be reconciled with God. They questioned Amos, and other prophets: Who are you? Who sent you? Go to Judah and prophecy there and do not do it in Bethel. (Amos 7: 10-17)
Am I foolish to reject God’s Word today?

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