Demon of Doubt

One pastor thought he was as wise as Solomon and Daniel. He used to ridicule other leaders who read books. Even the young people in his congregation were discouraged to read. One young girl used to raise questions of relevance to the pastor for her own clarification. Pastor sometimes used to answer, but many times would try to evade. As this college going girl asked more questions, he announced in the church: “This girl is possessed with a demon of doubt. All should pray that she is delivered.” When the pastor could not answer doubts, he blamed, defamed, and publicly shamed the girl.
Learn Wisdom: Paul is a great model for pastoral leaders. Even he was sure about his nearing death. Yet, he requested Timothy to bring the books and parchments (journal or diary or notepad). (II Timothy 4:13) Christians should be perpetual learners like Paul
Ready to Teach wisdom: Priests or leaders are supposed to gain, guard, communicate knowledge as people will seek from them. “For the lips of a priest should guard knowledge, and people should seek instruction from his mouth, for he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts.” (Malachi 2:7)
Rich Young man: A rich young man came to Lord Jesus Christ with genuine questions. The Lord gave him answers. Yet, the young man decided not to follow Lord Jesus Christ. Even then, Lord Jesus did not condemn him as demon possessed. (Luke 18:18-30)
Thomas: He missed meeting the resurrected Lord in the closed room. He doubted and said, he will not believe, unless he touched and experienced the wounded Christ. Lord was gracious to appear to him along with others again. Lord Jesus did not condemn Thomas as demon possessed.
Ready with reason: Peter exhorts believers to be meek, but wise to provide answers for those who raise questions regarding Christian faith. (I Peter 3:15)
Inventing demons: Instead of inventing new demons, leaders should read, learn, reflect, and pray to teach everyone who is under our care.
Do I seek wisdom to clarify others’ genuine questions?