Update and Upgrade

“Your smartphone will be slow, please update now.” Similar messages are sent so that security gaps are blocked and performance including speed is enhanced. This update process should be done quite often or as the company instructs the users. Neglecting this could create problems that would damage the gadget and make it useless.
Slow down: Without updating, a smart phone functions would be slow. The ringtone may be heard, the screen with name will appear after a few seconds. Internet sites may not open in a reasonable time.
Malware: Sometimes, the smart phones could become vulnerable to the attack of some virus like ransomware. Such malwares could wipe out data from the system.
Hang: Sometimes the phone may stop functioning amid some function. Only switching off would be the only possible option.
Blackout: There are occasions when the phone screen becomes blank or black. No effort could revive it.
Update of Spiritual life: In spiritual life also, disciples ought to be refreshed, renewed, revived, and updated daily. Then only they could be overcomers and fruit bearers.
Renewal of mind: Everyday, Christian mind should be renewed by the Word of God. Reading and meditating the Scripture is not a leisure option, but essential discipline. (Romans 12:1-2)
Daily Dying: A disciple has to be a living sacrifice on the altar, which is daily dying to self, world, sin and temptation of Satan. (Romans 12:1)
Grace: God’s grace is fresh, anew every morning. (Lamentations 3:23) Gratefully receiving His grace is essential for spiritual strength and growth.
Bread: Lord taught his disciples to ask for the ‘daily’ bread. (Matthew 6:11) Lord Jesus is the Bread of Life. Bread in the prayer indicates all essential needs for existence. Daily dependence is a mark of a disciple.
Guidance: A disciple should always be guided by the Holy Spirit. (Galatians 5:25) The options are clear: Gratification of desires of body (flesh) or submission to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. A disciple should be alert against the vile attacks of Satan and defeat him.
Am I spiritually fit, strong, and updated?