Unrepentant mind?

Paul writes that believers should cultivate a renewed mind, that makes captive every thought that rises against Christ. (Romans 12:2; II Corinthians 10:5) Sadly, many believers and even leaders do not have the mind of Christ. (Philippians 2:5) Satan deceived people of God by disrupting the renewal of mind.

1) Corrupt mindset: This has distracted disciples to pursue wealth even by unethical methods. Assets belonging to churches, mission organizations and church institutions are sold by corrupt leaders.
2) Criminal mindset: Many boards and General Board Meetings are held with police protection. Goondas are engaged to silence and physically remove members who speak truth and sense.
3) Carnal mindset: Disciples with carnal mindset make themselves as deity and misuse all ministerial privileges for wicked purposes. One pastor stages the death of his wife and marries his illicit lover.
4) Conspiracy mindset: Conspiracy mindset has misled leaders to nepotism and ambush upcoming leaders. One organization leader conspires to eradicate 17 leaders to enthrone his son-in-law.
5) Compromise mindset:
Compromise mindset has made disciples to practice syncretism terming it as alternative spirituality. Biblical principles are sacrificed. Uniqueness of Lord Jesus Christ is denied.
6) Casteist mindset: Racist mindset celebrates hierarchy and harms the Body of Christ. Many young boys and girls are not married because of this mindset.
7) Callous mindset: Callous mindset ignores the needs of people and lives in luxury. They are negligent in their ministry priorities and lethargic in action.
8) Conquest mindset: They have a wrong understanding that their prayers are powerful and hype about their triumphant prayer. They forget, it is not the prayer, but prayer answering God who gives success or victory.
9) Consumerist Mindset: One pastor sells the local church (including the congregation) and lands in jail because of the Consumerist mindset.
10) Covetous mindset: Increasingly, believers envy other believers and leaders covet other organizations’ success, sponsors or assets.

God demands repentance, if not his judgment would clean the church of all impurities, sins, and blasphemy.

Do I have the mind of Christ?