Demonstration of love by a husband

Some cultures teach the husband as a god, hence need not do anything for his wife, but she should worship and serve him. Property owners are the husband, wife happens to be one of the assets. For some, the wife is the slave of the whole extended family without any rights. However, the Bible teaches husbands to love their wives. (Ephesians 5:33) Five ways a husband could demonstrate his love for his wife.

Provide: Paul exhorts the husband to nourish and cherish his wife as his own body. (Ephesians 5:29) That means, to provide food, clothes, nutrition, and all necessities of life. The husband who does not provide is worse than unbelievers. (I Timothy 5:8) Sadly, there are a few, who do not work, but pressure their wives to work and earn outside also and do all household duties too.

Protect: The husband should protect his wife from physical harm. He is also responsible for protecting from verbal abuse, mental agony, and emotional injuries. Husbands should consider wives as weak vessels, who are vulnerable. In case of danger, even risk of life, the husband should protect his wife. (I Samuel 30:5,18)

Please: A Christian cannot be selfish or self-love. Instead, a husband should seek to please his wife. It does not mean to do unwarranted and sinful things. It means to encourage the wife to excel in her call, using natural talents, and spiritual gifts and providing opportunities for the same.

Pray: Some cultures mandate the wife to pray, intercede, and sacrifice for her husband. There are even special fasting festivals for that. However, Isaac prayed for his wife Rebekah. (Genesis 25:21) Husbands are called, commanded, and commissioned to pray for their wives. The family altar should be a daily discipline of families.

Pastor: The husband is the pastor or shepherd of the family. It includes an awesome responsibility of protecting the family from evil attacks of Satan. He desires to loot, kill love, and destroy the family. By being awake and alert, the husband provides covering to his wife and children.

Is my family a godly biblical family?