The Bible has been preserved

Ten reasons people reject the bible, unable to see it as God’s revelation and truth. The Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit to rebuke, reprimand, correct, equip for good works, and lead into Eternal Life.

1. Myths: Many people think that the Bible is a collection of stirring myths and beautiful sayings invented by men. They believe in hearsay instead of reading the bible with an open mind.
2. Too many interpretations: There are many denominations, and each denomination has its interpretations. Hence, some are unable to understand the truth. When we seek the truth God, gives discernment, and understanding to know the hidden truths. (Proverbs 2:3-5)
3. Church: The history of the church like that of the Crusades and the lifestyle of Christians that does not reflect the ideals of the Lord Jesus Christ prevents people from reading the bible.
4. Hypocrites: The life of many Christians does not match with that of the teachings of the Holy Bible.
5. Racism: Jewish people reckon non-Jews as Gentiles and pagans. But the Bible teaches all humans are created in the image of God, He loves all, and Lord Jesus died for all.
6. Suffering: Why does God allow wars, pestilence, and individual suffering? The world is imperfect and cursed because of sin. The Righteous God will execute perfect justice in His time.
7. Certain portions contain: Some people wonder how adultery, incest, genocide, treachery, and heinous crimes be recorded in God’s book. The incidents are historical records, not approved by God.
8. Full of contradictions: Many opine that the bible contains contradictions. In fact, on closer scrutiny, it is found to be complementary or could be resolved by explanation from other portions of the scripture.
9. Why two Testaments: The Old Testament is what God foretold, i.e. root; The New Testament is what God fulfilled, i.e. the fruit.
10. Corrupt: Many argue that the Bible is corrupted with many translations and versions. In fact, the Bible is not corrupted but preserved miraculously through turbulent times in history.

Do I love, learn, and live the Bible?