Did not realize

One recruiter of a global IT company was interviewing a potential employee for the company. When he wanted to update the file regarding the interview, he realized he could not reach the company website. Meanwhile, he got a message from the company that he was no longer an employee of the company. (28 January 2023 NDTV news) It was like being struck by lightning: shocked, unbelievable but true. Samson also was trying to represent God when the Spirit of God had left him. (Judges 16:20-21)
Superhero: Samson, even before his birth was chosen by God, his parents were instructed to bring him up as Nazarite. He grew up as a mighty young man with great physical prowess, which was supernatural. His feats were distinguished and unimaginable from a human perspective. He could pull the gates of a city and carry it. (Judges 16:1-3) The strongest chords would break off like they were touched by fire. God used him to protect the Children of Israel.
Stupid hero: However, the muscle man had a weakness for ladies. No human is free from weakness. First, he broke the Nazarene covenant. Second, he marries outside the people of Israel, twice. Third, he goes to a prostitute. Four, he reveals the secret of his strength to Delilah. Five, he forgot his sacred call.
Struggling hero: He was physically strong but spiritually and emotionally weak. Though he knew that Delilah was trying to know the secret to tell it to his enemies, he broke the secret to his own peril.
Sorry figure: He did not realize that the Spirit of God left him. In his own strength tried to overcome his enemies but was arrested. At the last, he who was the judge of Israel became an entertainer to his enemies.
Suicide killer: A great personality, humiliated, prayed to God for mercy, for him to die along with his tormentors. God granted his request that he could pull off the pillars on which the whole arena stood, and die killing his enemies: three thousand tormentors, teasers, and spectators.
Am I careful to always be in His presence?