Dig Ditches

Elisha had three kings knocking at his door: Jehoshaphat, Jehoram (Israel) and king of Edom. Unexpected guests. Elisha was feeling a righteous anger against Jehoram, a wicked king. However, he said he respected Jehoshaphat, otherwise he could not have cared to look or see them. (II Kings 3:14) Elisha was not in a mood or in right frame of mind to pray or advise them. Hence, he summoned a musician so that he could calm himself in God’s presence, perhaps singing, praising and worshipping. (II Kings 3:15) Kings cannot procure any water with all their resources: men and wealth.

Lord gave a strange command: That is something they can do, and they should do: “Make this valley full of ditches.” (II Kings 3:16 KJV) Should soldiers spend their time digging ditches? Will it serve any purpose? Or should they march further so that they are closer to war and victory.

1) Act of faith and obedience: They did not wait until they started seeing water flowing to dig ditches. They had to do it well ahead of time as instructed by Prophet Elisha. It was preparation of reservoir of water.

2) Hard work: Digging for soldiers is a hard work, and even below their dignity. The Moab nation did not notice what these three armies were doing.

3) Optimum work: The valley should be ‘full’ of ditches. Not one or two here and there. There should be numerous ditches.

For God providing water is a ‘light thing’. God not only will take care of the need of water for three kings and their army, he will grant them victory over Moab. When the three armies’ experiences miracle, it was abundance of water. That very abundance became ‘snare’ for the king of Moab.

God promises Great floods of love, grace, wisdom, power in our lives. God’s
Greater Promise is victory over Sin, Satan, and Death.

Am I digging ditches in faith as commanded by God?