Fresh evil

“Farm Fresh eggs.” “Fresh baked cakes.” “Fresh vegetables.” People like ‘fresh’ food, juice, beverages…etc. Freshly brewed coffee in the mornings stimulates many people to be healthy and active throughout the day. Generally, old is considered as ‘expired’ or of diminishing quality. God provided ‘fresh’ manna each day for forty years in the wilderness for the Children of Israel. (Exodus 16:35) Though God bountifully bless the Nation of Israel, they were a Nation of stiff-necked people with stubborn hearts. (Exodus 32:9)

The spiritual life of the Nation of Israel turned from bad to worse. Each succeeding generation increased their sins. God sent prophets after prophets to warn them, but they were not willing to listen or repent. Jeremiah laments the Nation of Israel are: “As a well keeps its water fresh, so she keeps fresh her evil; violence and destruction are heard within her; sickness and wounds are ever before me.” (Jeremiah 6:7,8) Each moment they developed ‘fresh’ ideas to rebel against God, sin against His Law and perpetuate mindless violence.

1) Natural: Sin was natural for the Nation of Israel. As all objects thrown high, falls because of gravity; human being is powerfully attracted towards sin.

2) Habitual: There are some good habits that are beneficial for our life. Physical habits like brushing teeth or having bath each day are good for health. Reading and meditating bible each day, prayer time, fellowship are some growth oriented spiritual habits. However, for the Nation of Israel, violence and destruction were their demeaning spiritual status.

3) Unconscious response: They were so immersed in this habit; they make sin as even unconscious or automated response. That means, they did not even think once before they did any such thing.

4) Comfortable: In fact, they relished or enjoyed being immersed in sin. There was not even pretension to come out of the miry clay.

Instead, disciples of Lord Jesus Christ should long for His love, grace and mercies that are fresh every morning. (Lamentations 3:22,23)

Do I rely upon His steadfast love and faithfulness each morning?