Disobedient gods!

There was a legend that Zeus and Hermes once came to Lystra, as humans and none in the city recognized them. They were refused hospitality. One old couple entertained them. In anger, the gods destroyed the whole city and saved only the old couple. Paul and Barnabas went to the city and a paralyzed man was miraculously healed. Hence, they upgraded Paul and Barnabas to Hermes and Zeus, Greek gods, brought sacrifices and wanted to worship them. (Acts 14: 8-23) However, they asked them to worship God, not them, mere messengers. They could observe power at work but could not understand the source of power. Jews from Antioch and Iconium came and instigated the people of Lystra against them, and Paul was stoned, almost dead. They were disobedient gods. The city people had some expectations from the gods, but it was not fulfilled, hence Hermes and Zeus in the form of Paul and Barnabas were attacked.
Accept: The people of Lystra expected their gods to accept what they did to them. It would be offerings, incense, or anything. Gods should be appeased by their spirituality.
Approve: Lystra people wanted their gods to approve all their actions. They should not lecture, correct, or show the right path as Paul and Barnabas tried to.
Appreciate: Gods should gratefully appreciate the service rendered by the devotees. Gods should not have choices, preferences, or likes.
Award: Gods must reward or award prosperity, peace, and prestige to the devotees.
Assaulted: When gods do not do what is commanded or demanded, they could be assaulted. The people of Lystra attacked and assaulted Paul, stoned him, and left only when they perceived he was dead.
Audacity: The people had the audacity to create gods. When Israel demanded new gods, Aaron obliged and created a counterfeit god in the form of a golden calf for them. (Exodus 32:1-4)
John Calvin said the human heart is a factory that produces counterfeit gods. Instead of making gods, it is wisdom to invite and receive the Lord Jesus Christ.
Have I received Christ and been obedient to Him?