Appalling and Horrible Things

Jeremiah describes three astonishing, appalling, and horrible things in the sight of God. (Jeremiah 5:30-31) The Nation of Israel had Prophets, Priests, and People with abnormal, unspiritual, or unrighteous behavior.
Prophets: The prophets were supposed to speak, reveal, and teach the Word of God. They claimed to speak in the Name of God but were speaking their own words. As they were not sent by God, they make false representations of God. Since they speak their own words, their teaching is false and contrary to the character and will of God. They were self-appointed prophets with no authority or credentials. True prophets are true servants to God, friends of a righteous nation. False prophets are enemies of a nation.
Priests: The spiritual leaders and leaders of the nation were leading the people neither in the love of God nor the law of God. Instead, they were lording over them, not shepherding them. (I Peter 5:3) Lord Jesus demonstrated servant leadership and did not approve of dominating, dictating, and directing kind of leadership. (Matthew 20:25-26) Deprived of the authority of God and Scripture, they were ruling with their own mind, ideas, wisdom, and wickedness. They took refuge in rituals and traditions without meaning.
People: Sadly, the people were perfectly happy, with the false prophets, corrupt leaders, and wicked rulers. They loved it because they could continue comfortably in their sins without rebuke, reproof or correction. The prophets and priests were united to ruin people, and the people gave willing consent to such leadership. Paul warns that in the Last Days, people will reject sound doctrine or wholesome teaching and look, choose teachers who will say words that will suit their itching ears. (II Timothy 4:3-4)
Punishment and Judgement: When false prophets, fake religiosity, and corrupt leaders are approved by people, they are ready for God’s judgment. It is building a house on the sand, which cannot withstand rain, wind, and flood. (Matthew 7: 24-27)
The world today is no different from the days when Jeremiah prophesied.
Do I resist evil, do good, and approve righteousness?