Testing of faith?

One believer was perplexed: Why should God test us? God knows our hearts, minds, thoughts, and words before we speak. Hence, the process of testing is not needed. A huge bridge was built, and a test ride was conducted to see if the bridge could bear the weight of a heavy-moving vehicle. The official explained: “The testing is not because of mistrust on the design of the engineer or quality of material used. The test was not with an expectation for the bridge to fall. It was to establish and prove the bridge was excellent to take the load. In fact, this gives confidence to the users or beneficiaries.”
Job: God was so proud of his servant Job that he challenged Satan to prove Him wrong. (Job 1:8) Satan took permission to harass, cause loss, and create chaos in his life. The suffering or misfortune was not punishment or judgment, but a process for Job to come out as gold. (Job 23:10-11)
Perfect and complete: James writes that testing creates endurance or steadfastness, that results in perfection or completion, without any lack of deficiency in a saint of God. (James 1:3:4)
Valuable faith: If gold is to be tested by fire, how much more faith should be tested asks Peter. This test results in the praise, glory, and honor at the revelation of Lord Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. (I Peter 1:7)
Love manifests: The suffering in this world produces endurance, which results in character (growing in Christlikeness), that brings forth hope that is not ashamed of humiliation or suffering for His name. This is possible because the love of God is poured through the Holy Spirit in our hearts. (Romans 5:3-5)
Limitation: The troubles, tests, tribulations, and temptations in the world are common to all humans. However, what is allowed in a believer’s life is limited to the capacity s/he could endure. Even in that, gracious God creates a way of escape. (I Corinthians 10:13)
Victory: When disciples experience victory over such hindrances, and obstructions created by Satan to stumble, they become veterans with enormous strength.
Am I confident to face all tests?

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