Right Hand of God

The right Hand of God is a metaphor used in the Bible. God is Spirit. Some question why God is described as human.
Anthropomorphism: It means: Describing God using human terms. This description is for finite humans to understand God. In the Bible, God is described as having eyes, ears, hands, and feet. (Amos 9:3; Daniel 9:18; Isaiah 5:25; Genesis 3:8; Isaiah 63:3)
Right Hand: This is mentioned in the Scriptures around fifty-six times. The right hand is seen as the place of honor and status. The right hand also signifies strength, power, authority, and skill.

Protection and Salvation: The Right hand of God symbolizes salvation, and protection and bestows greatness upon those who believe him. (Psalms 18:35) There is only way of Salvation through Lord Jesus Christ who is seated on the Right Hand of God.

Victory: God gave victory to the Nation of Israel by delivering them from the slavery of Egypt. God executed punishment by afflicting them with Ten Plagues. When Pharaoh wanted to enslave Israel again, the Lord divided the Red Sea allowing Israel to pass through and drown Pharaoh and a military of six hundred chariots. Moses attributed the awesome victory to the Right Hand of God. (Exodus 15:6)

Teach: The Lord’s right hand teaches truth, meekness, righteousness, and awesome deeds. (Psalms 45:4) The Fallen Humanity needs teaching to understand God, His requirements, God’s purpose and meaning in life.

Righteousness: The right hand of God is filled with righteousness. (Psalms 48:10) God is righteous, hence His actions, work, and judgments are righteous.

Uphold: God’s Right Hand upholds His people. He gives strength, helps, and upholds His people. (Isaiah 41:10) Hence, people of God need not be dismayed, afraid, or discouraged.

Christ seated: Lord seated at the right hand of God. (Ephesians 1:20) The risen Christ, who is Saviour and Lord intercedes for His people. (Romans 8:34)

God’s judgment: Lord is Holy. He never compromises with sin. As a righteous God, he executed judgment on individuals, families, communities, and nations. The cup of wrath, and judgment is in His right hand. (Habakkuk 2:16)

Do I rejoice in the fullness of joy that is in his right hand? (Psalms 16:11)