Ebed – Melech  – Great Rescue Mission

Jeremiah prophesized that the Nation of Israel will be defeated by Babylonians as God’s Judgment. This was interpreted by Shephatiah, Gedaliah, Jucal and Pashhur to the King as ‘anti-national’ and Jeremiah demoralized soldiers and common people. Jeremiah was unjustly condemned and was thrown in dungeon of Malchiah which had rock walls and bottom would be slush and mud. If not attended Jeremiah would starve and die. A man from Ethiopia, pleaded with king and rescued Jeremiah. (Jeremiah 38: 4-13)
1) Great Faith: Ebed-Melech has come to serve in the Jewish nation. Probably, he was seeker of true God, visited Jerusalem and became a refugee there. Or he could have been captured in some war or kidnapped and sold as slave like Joseph. However, his life shows, he was man of faith alike Rahab and Ruth.
2) Great Humanitarian: Generally, eunuchs from East were ruthless and also sadistic in their dealings. However, Ebed-Melech was different. Ebed-Melech also had sense of justice and discerned that the king’s men did evil to Jeremiah. (Jeremiah 38: 9)
3) Great Intercession: Ebed-Melech was concerned, had courage to speak on behalf of Jeremiah, even as the officers who put Jeremiah in jail were present. He need not have bothered as such things happens always; he was not directly affected: not being blood relative or a Jew could have given excuses. Nevertheless, was voice of voiceless or spoke on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves.
4) Great Team: King Zedekiah commanded Ebed-Melech to take 30 men to help him and do the rescue work. Thirty men means the rescue work needed that kind of manpower, coordination, collective efforts and synergy.
5) Great Rescue: Ebed-Melech had right strategy to rescue Jeremiah. He goes to wardrobe and collects rags and worn-out clothes. It is not just saving Jeremiah, but he wanted to make sure Jeremiah had minimum discomfort that he provided rags and clothes to be placed in his armpits. (Jeremiah 38:12)
6) Great Reward: In the war, Babylonian invasion, Ebed-Melech was spared in the war.
Am I like Ebed-Melech doing good and justice?