Edom condemned

In one Christian WhatsApp group, one person rejoiced about the riots in India, cheering the oppressors and condemning the hapless victims. Sadly, blinded by hatred, could not see God’s righteousness. The Bible warns against such foolish attitudes. Edomites are descendants of Esau. Edom is the nickname given to Esau and his descendants for selling his birthright to Jacob for red lentils. (Genesis 25:19-34) They settled in the Mount Seir region. However, they were not kind to the descendants of Jacob during their calamity and distress. (Obadiah 1: 10-14) Prophet Obadiah lists their stupid sins and also pronounces God’s judgement.
1. Stood afar off: Instead of rushing to help during a calamity, Edomites stood afar of. It was like the priest and the Levite who refused to help the dying man on the Jericho Road in the Parable of the Good Samaritan. It was a sin of doing nothing or omission. It is refusal to do good when there is an opportunity and power to do good. (James 4:17)
2. Cheerleaders: Edomites were sadists, who take pleasure in others’ discomfort. They rejoiced seeing the misery of Israel. In fact, they became cheerleaders of persecutors. “Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles.” (Proverbs 24:17)
3. Proud speech: Edomites gloated seeing the helplessness of Israel. They assumed that they were privileged, untouched by misery, safe, and calamity would never overtake them. False sense of security made them haughty.
4. Took advantage: Edomites, during melee, took spoils or looted the Israelite. They took advantage of the situation and made some quick gains. Coveting that did not belong to them and possessing such material wealth is sin.
5. Killers: Edomites murdered those who escaped during war or handed over them to enemies. The Law of Moses teaches that a slave who escapes his master should not be handed back over to the Master. (Deuteronomy 23:15)
Being kind to those who are in distress, helping the poor, marginalized, victimized, exploited and oppressed, we exhibit the love of Lord Jesus Christ.
What is my attitude towards those who suffer?

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