Journey of life

As we move towards any destination, there is anxiety. The number of milestones on the way decreases and disappears, as we enter our destination. There are many who consider life as a journey towards a dead end – grave. However, Christians have a different perspective. Life is a pilgrimage towards heaven. Life is preparation to live with the Lord, Savior, and creator forever.

Enoch is a great example of how a life journey should be and how the end of earthly life should be. “Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.” (Genesis 5:24) This is a beautiful summary of life. In life’s journey, if we walk with God, we will be taken by God to His Eternal Home.

Put your house in order: Lord spoke through Isaiah to King Hezekiah. He was commanded to ‘put him in order,’ as his death was approaching. (II Kings 20:1) However, Hezekiah was not willing, he prolonged his life fifteen more years, unfortunately during that time he gave birth to Manasseh the most wicked king of Judah. As we vacate this world, there are many things that we must let go or pass on the baton to others. Instead of delaying until the last minute, we should be able to give it off and enjoy life with greater influence.

Prepare to meet your God: Amos exhorted the Nation of Israel to be prepared to meet God. (Amos 4:12) Yes, preparation to meet God to dwell with Him in eternity is essential. In fact, the Lord is also preparing a place for us. (John 14:1)

Priority: A long-distance runner generally sprints fast at the last short distance from the finishing line. In life, sprinting in terms of physical activities may not be possible. Yet, it is good to use spiritual, ministry, and intellectual resources to fulfil God’s commandment and His Kingdom of agenda.

Purposeful prayer: Since, there is a possibility of reduced physical and outdoor activities, more prayers could be done.
Getting older graciously is a Christian virtue and value.
Do I gracious and joyfully await my eternal home?