Egypt was judged

The ancient superpower of the world, Egypt was judged. It never again could become a superpower in the world.

Forgot gracious God: The Pharoah did not know the future. God revealed the future to save Egypt by giving him dreams regarding the seven years of surplus harvest and seven years of scarcity that would engulf the nation. (Genesis 41) God warned him and the nation to prepare for such time so that it would not perish. The Pharoah and his descendants did not seek God who revealed and preserved them as a nation.

Forgot God’s servant: God sent Joseph to Pharoah’s court to interpret the dream and implement a strategy to preserve Israel as a nation in times of scarcity and famine. They received his services but rejected his God. Over some time, they forgot Joseph and his contributions to the nation. (Exodus 1:8-11)

Ungrateful: God allowed Egypt to perish. The nation was a blessing to surrounding nations when there was famine. People from other surrounding nations came to Egypt to buy grain. (Genesis 41:57) Instead of being grateful to God, they became proud and oppressors.

Oppressive: With prosperity, power, and pride, came the arrogance to oppress other people. The political leadership hatched a conspiracy to destroy the nation of Israel within a generation by killing all the male babies. (Exodus 1:15-22) Satan inspired the rulers to be oppressive so that God’s Promise and covenant with the Patriarchs and Israel may come to naught.

Preservation to judgment: God preserved Egypt as a nation during a severe famine, but it oppressed and exploited the children of Israel and wanted them to disappear from the earth. Reducing the relatives of the savior of the Nation Joseph to slaves, sentencing them to hard labor, and conspiring to destroy them was an unrighteous act and a sin against God, that invited the wrath of God.

Wrath of God: God who preserved Egypt, destroyed it by sending ten plagues so that it will never become a superpower again. Scarcity, Sickness, disasters, and war made Egypt miserable.

Am I forgetful and ungrateful?