Elite life or Eternal life?

One insurance company branch office was given a privileged status of ‘Elite branch’. The reason was a rich businessman has taken a policy for a new born grandchild, for which he pays about Rupees forty-five million (USD 550000) as yearly premium. The average salary of a person in India is estimated as Rupees 32000. How much love, care, and protection a parent or grandparent provides for their descendants.
Eternal Life: However, earthly parents are unable to give Eternal life. The physical life they are responsible for is limited to life on earth. They are neither source of eternal life nor guarantee of future after death. Heavenly Father sent his Son, Lord Jesus Christ into the world. Those who repent of their sins and believe in Him will have Eternal Life. (John 3:16)
Giving the Best: Parents ought to give their best to their children. “A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.” (Proverbs 13:22) Parents, and grandparents should give their descendants a meaningful, purposeful, and secure life. Good education, righteous values, skills, inheritance including assets.
Precious than gold: The Word of God is more precious than gold according to King David. (Psalms 19:10) Those who search the Scripture will find the Messiah, Son of God. (John 5:39) A Blessed, prosperous and fruitful person is one who meditates the Bible Day and night. (Psalms 1:1-3) The Bible is WWW. It provides God’s written Word (God wrote the Ten Commandments), the Work & Worth of God (to know Him and Worship Him), and the Will of God (knowing life’s purpose and God’s requirements). If a parent or grandparent provides all earthly blessings and does not teach the Word of God, deprives the child of Eternal perspective and Eternal Life.
Most Holy faith: Great parents are those who introduce their children to the Lord Jesus Christ and facilitate them to be disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. They provide the Most Holy Faith and make them rich in faith. (Jude 1:20; James 2:5)
Do I lead my children to Eternal Life by giving them The Word and The Faith?