Fake news and False Prophets

Kari Lake, a top-rated journalist said she is hanging up her broadcasting job after over twenty years of service. According to her, the news media has devolved over the years and has become tool of propaganda that promotes hatred, fear and division. ‘Cancel Culture’ and fake media industry is flourishing. She observed that: not everyone is dedicated to telling the truth. (16 March 2021, Natural News) Media that is supposed to be a true prophet in a democracy has become a false prophet indeed.
Lying puppets: Ahab was a wicked king of Israel. Jehoshaphat had marriage alliance with him, though he was godly righteous king. Ahab invited Jehoshaphat to go along with him to fight against Syria. Jehoshaphat suggested that he should get God’s counsel from prophets. All the prophets prophesized that Ahab should ahead and be victorious. Jehoshaphat felt something amiss and asked Ahab to bring true prophet. Micaiah was brought, he also said the same, but when asked again, he declared that the ‘sheep will be scattered without shepherd,’ which means Ahab will be killed in the battle. Micaiah opened a window into the spiritual realm, how Lord determined to defeat and destroy Ahab. The lying spirits volunteered to dominate prophets to speak lies. Ahab miserably died in that battle. (I Kings 22) Similarly, In the last days Anti-Christ and False Prophet would deceive humanity. (Revelation 13:14) Satan is a liar, has no truth in him and is ‘Father of lies.’ (John 8:44) Humanity also exchanged truth for a lie. (Romans 1:25) In the last days, people will be treacherous and deal falsely with one other. (II Timothy 3:4; Hosea 7:1)
Lord Jesus Christ is the Truth, Word is Truth, Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and the Church is the Pillar of Truth. (John 14:6; 17:17; 16:13; I Timothy 3:15)
Post-truth world loves lie; hence God has given up the humanity to be tormented by the lying spirits that is dominating mass-media and social-media producing fake news, false news, twisted truth, manufactured news…etc.
Do I choose Truth or Lie?