First False Teacher

Satan not only seduced the first couple to Sin, but he also introduced False Teaching and that he is the First False Teacher, as Father of lies, he is also Father of all False Teachers. (John 8:44) In the Garden of Eden, he subtly spoke with Eve. (Genesis 3:1-5) The six tools in the strategy of Satan are evident, that are used by False Prophets/Teachers today.
1) Doubt: Satan cunningly used the phrase: “Did God actually say.’ Even today, false teachers interpret the Word of God to fulfill their selfish agenda.
2) False promise: False teachers always have plenty of False promises to offer. There are some preachers, even today, who claim that they will not die and promise their followers also. Satan also promised Adam and Eve: “You will not surely die.” To add credibility to his statement Satan added ‘surely.’ In fact, he bestowed upon them spiritual death.
3) Joy killer God: Satan always misrepresents God, so do the False Teachers. He said: “For God knows that when you eat of it…” Satan created a false image that God was a joy killer and does not like people to be happy or joyful or enjoy.
4) Novelty: Satan promised that their eyes will be opened. In fact, he blinded Adam and Eve and all succeeding generations. (II Corinthians 4:4) False teachers always have some stunts, new tactics, mannerisms…etc., to attract people. False Teachers will claim that what they say or demonstrate had not ever happened before.
5) Aspiration: False teachers create false aspirations for people stating: “You will be like God.” Not all advertisements promise such aspiration. Did Adam and Eve know what it is to be like God? Perhaps no. Yet, they aspired to become something which they did not know about.
6) Superior knowledge: Satan claimed that Adam and Eve could get new knowledge: knowing good and evil.” False teachers also claim that they have the key to superior or mystical or secret or sacred knowledge.
Disciples could discern false teachers by analysing their methodology of ministry.
Do I resist Satan or assist Satan?