Greater than we Ask, Think, or Imagine

There is one servant of God, who was humble, simple but diligent in the work of the Lord. He always said: “I work for God; He has to pay me.” God was faithful to him, but many organizations and leaders exploited and cheated him. For over two decades, his life was hand to mouth. Then came an organization who wanted to recruit him for the ministry. The organization asked what you would like to get as salary. His answer was silence. The organization fixed a salary that was beyond his expectation or imagination. His faith and prayers were marvellously answered. It was like being paid dues for two decades. God can give answers to our prayers in a remarkable way. God listens to humans is an amazing truth.
1) Groans: The children of Israel groaned because of the tyranny of the task masters. It was a bitter slavery; God heard the groans of Israelite. (Exodus 2:24)
2) Anguish or sigh: People take a deep breath when in distress to express their anguish. (Psalms 38:9) Lord hears such anguish or sight.
3) Unuttered words: Psalmist states that even before we could utter or say a prayer, Lord knows. (Psalms 139:4) These are not just thoughts, but thoughts that are being processed to be words. Lord could make out even from the process of articulation.
4) Cry: People could weep because of the bitterness of the soul. God listens to such heart-breaking cries. (Exodus 3:7)
5) Words: God listens to our words expressed. He does not look for correct vocabulary, grammar, or ornamental phrases, but understands words uttered in sincere prayers. (Ephesians 3:20)
6) Thoughts: Paul writes that God answers our prayers in a marvelous way than we could think. Human intelligence cannot fathom the wisdom of God’s answer.
7) Imagination: Many people could vividly imagine how their answers should be. However, God surpasses even such expectations.
The Great magnificent God is sensitive to our prayers and graciously answers them.

How precious I am to the Great King?