Fragrance of the knowledge of Him

We were travelling on a highway, there was a refreshing smell. The driver of the vehicle said that there was a perfume factory and it is refreshing smell when we go nearer to it. Some people took deep breath to enjoy the fragrance, others smiled, some were asleep and some it caused allergic reactions. Whether anyone cared or not the fragrance was there. Some people living nearby come nearer to the factory to enjoy regularly.

Paul writes: “But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere.” (II Corinthians 2:14) Knowledge of Lord Jesus Christ is life-giving, refreshing, renewing and regenerating fragrance.

1) Individuals: Wherever, the gospel has been proclaimed, individuals have been transformed. Wicked, violent, evil, murderers, addicts, envious, angry…all been changed to become humble and noble personalities. Many discovered meaning of life and purpose of life in this world.

2) Families: Smelling the fragrance of the knowledge of Lord, broken families have been reconciled, violent spouses became meek, rebellious children became God-honouring children; peace, love and joy reigns in their homes.

3) Communities: In many rural communities, where Christians live are healthier, clean, well-behaved children and peaceful environment. They have got a knowledge: Love your neighbour as yourself.

4) Culture & Civilization: The knowledge of God changes traditional, oppressing and exploitative cultures. In India, gospel gave liberty to women to study, get educated and employed. Gospel values affirmed the widows right to live, not to be burnt in husband’s funeral pyre.

5) Nations: All humans are equal citizens is a value derived from the knowledge of the gospel. Freedom, liberty, fraternity, and justice are included in many nations of constitutions.

Allergic reactions: There are a few who react adversely to the fragrance of knowledge of the Lord. The rich young man was allergic to sacrifice and sharing of his blessings. (Luke 18:18-30) Selfish, arrogant and disobedient like Pharaoh could resist this fragrance.

Do I enjoy and spread the sweet fragrance of the gospel?