Freeze Not

Deer while crossing roads are caught unaware from the beaming headlights of passing vehicles. Sometimes they are traumatized and stay unmoved for several minutes. They freeze out of fear and shock. In the world also we are caught unaware by incidents unexpected in our lives. How can we respond?
1) Fear Not: Fear is a great paralyzing factor. In the Bible we read several times the phrase: “Fear Not,” addressed to several people of God in several contexts. Since Lord is With us, we need not fear, even when we walk through the ‘Valley of death.’ (Psalms 23:4)
2) Freeze Not: Deer does not move and cannot move for several minutes. It stands like a statue. When calamity strikes us, we should not be like statues, but respond with faith and God’s wisdom and strength. Some people get ‘victim’ mindset or ‘martyr complex’.
3) Fret Not: If the crisis is causes by people who are opposed to us, then we feel disturbed and even defeated. Frustrated as the enemies are gaining upper hand. King David says: ‘Fret Not’ because your enemies would disappear like grass that withers.
4) Flee Not: It is indeed our enemies suggest to ‘flee away’ like a bird to mountains, as they ready arrow against us. (Psalms 11: 1,2) One way of intimidating is to make us flee from our context. Nehemiah was also intimidated to abandon his work of building the wall and flee to Temple and take refuge. (Nehemiah 6:10)
5) Fight not: God through Moses commanded the Children of Israel not to fear but remain still or firm and see the deliverance or salvation of the Lord. (Exodus 14:13) God will fight on behalf of us and bring victory.
Do I stand firm in faith instead of responding like a coward?