Gratefulness is not slavery!

One pastor was cursing a family of parents with two sons. “I prayed and your son got healed. You must be a life-long member of this church and give your tithes and offerings. Now you are leaving my church. I will pray again your son will become lame.” Though this family were not much educated but were spiritually mature. They were not intimidated. Strangely, many pastors have this kind of attitude. They assume their prayer ‘buys’ life-long slaves for them. Like cult figures, they try to dominate, dictate and direct people’s lives. Sadly, they demand life-long slavery for a prayer, without realizing or understanding it was God who answered their prayer.
Sadly, gratefulness is equated with unwavering loyalty. Thus, many believers are deceived. Even if pastor falls in sin, the believers are expected to be eternally grateful to pastor and not God. Timid and those who do not know Word fall prey.
The Nation of Israel was also foolish, that they wanted to surrender their freedom as mark of gratefulness to Gideon. Instead of giving glory to God, who gave Gideon the victory; they upgraded Gideon to become king and form a new dynasty of kings. They were willing to become slave to one fallen human, instead of trusting Faithful God of Israel.
Gideon who judged the Nation of Israel was wise. He knew his calling, limitations and God’s will. When the Nation of Israel wanted Gideon to become their king, he refused. “Gideon said to them, “I will not rule over you, and my son will not rule over you; the Lord will rule over you.”” (Judges 8:23)
Let us learn that there is only one mediator who is Lord Jesus Christ and no other mediator between God and humans. (I Timothy 2:5) Any human who tries to take that position as mediator is a false teacher. Also, let us learn the spiritual discipline of being in intimate fellowship with our Father in Heaven through Lord Jesus Christ.
Am I grateful to God without falling as slave to humans?