Go, Sin No More

To trap the Lord, a woman caught in the act of adultery was brought before the Lord. Jews cannot execute death sentence, unless ratified by Romans. If Lord Jesus condemns her to death, then he violates the Law of Romans. If He does not, then he violates the Law of Moses.
Interestingly, the men did not bring the partner in the crime of adultery. The person escaped or was let to escape it is not clear. Lord Jesus did not respond instead sat and wrote on sand. When insisted, he simply asked one without sin to throw the ‘First Stone.’ From older to younger in that order all left.
One who had authority to judge, chose not to condemn but to redeem her. The Jewish leaders who did not have authority to judge wanted to condemn, punish and kill her. Lord Jesus Christ said: “Neither do I condemn you; go, and from now on sin no more.” (John 8:11)
1) Freedom from condemnation: While Lord Jesus was writing on the sand, condemners doing self-examination, what did the woman do? She must have mourned for her wayward life. Was poverty her reason to be in this pathetic life? Did she become victim of someone who deceived her? Was she foolish to fall prey? Or her lust brought her to this miserable life? Repentance and tears must have overwhelmed her.
2) Forgiveness: Lord of universe has authority to forgive sins. The woman was forgiven of her past life, now she had to look towards a hopeful future. Lord would love to give one more chance to any sinner to repent.
3) Freedom from sin: Lord exhorted her to pursue righteousness, integrity, truthfulness and loyalty. Forgiveness is not license to indulge in sin again. She must choose a new life, even if it was difficult.
Lord models us a redemptive attitude towards people, not a condemning attitude that springs out of legalistic, super-spiritual and arrogant lifestyle.
Do I understand redemptive attitude of Lord Jesus Christ and imitate him?