Why me Lord?

Arthur Ashe (1943-1993) was the only Afro-American player to be ranked World no.1. He won both Wimbledon beating Jimmy Connors (1975) and US Open champions (1968). During a heart surgery, blood transfusion was done. Sadly, the blood was AIDS infected. People showed sympathy to him. Many wondered why? However, Ashe was very calm and said: “All over the world some million teenagers aspire to become tennis players. Out of these million may be a hundred thousand reach to some sort of proficiency. Of them only a few thousand play in some circuit and only a hundred or so play the grand slam. Finally, only two reach the final of Wimbledon. When I was standing with the trophy of Wimbledon in my hand, I never questioned God “Why Me?” And now what right do I have to ask God “Why Me?” Ashe died in 1993.
A negligence on the part of medical professional caused AIDS to Arthur Ashe. It can happen to anyone. Jim Reeves a great singer died in airplane accident in 1964. Some great servants of God have died due to cancer or other terminal diseases.
Daniel was carried away as slave to serve in Babylon because of the sin of the Nation of Israel. Joseph was sold as slave because of sins of his own brothers. (Genesis 37:18-36) Job had to suffer for no sin of his. In fact, Job was grateful to God. (Job 1:22)
Good God trusts his children to have faith in all situations, enduring pain and suffering, being a witness and giving glory to God. It is not fatalism, but dynamic surrender for higher purposes even though we do not understand. The question is not Why me Lord? It is How I can glorify you Lord?
Do I always ask how can I glorify him?