God’s power for impossibilities

Clifford Kumar was a medical professional. He developed uneasiness in his throat. When he checked up in a prestigious medical institution, it was confirmed to be cancer. Doctors said that he will not be able to speak. The best doctors did not give any hope. He surrendered his life to Lord Jesus Christ. He was wonderfully healed. It was a display of God’s power. Doctors certified that Clifford could not even speak, God called him to preach, teach and sing. God gave him healing, power, wisdom, and grace to sing. He wrote many songs and sang, and preached the gospel in many countries around the world.
Sovereign God: God is Sovereign ruler and nothing escapes his scrutiny. As creator and ruler, he can use any element in the world for His glory and purpose. Cancer which is an evil and curse could be used by God.
Good out of evil: God can repurpose anything in the world to bring out good. Especially, for his chosen people of God, who love him, all things are compiled together to produce good. (Romans 8:28) The cancer in Dr. Clifford Kumar was evil, but God healed him so that one who was not able to speak could sing for Him.
Purpose of God: For all believers, God has a purpose for their life on earth. Discovering and doing that purpose brings meaning to life. Without understanding God’s purpose, a person’s life is tasteless and meaningless. God’s purpose for Dr. Clifford Kumar was to glorify God through his medical profession and proclamation of gospel through his preaching, teaching and singing. Later, he became a full time evangelist ministering to millions around the world and died when he was 91 years old on 7 June 2022.
Nothing is Impossible: For God nothing is impossible. (Luke 1:37) The situations that are irrevocable, dead, ruined, finished or impossible could be transformed for His glory and purpose. Those who surrender to the Lord could see His glory, power, and purpose in this life, and in eternity.
Do I see God’s purpose in all circumstances?