Trusting others

It is really hard to trust others. One man used to leave the toothpaste cap separately every morning as he brushed his teeth. His wife used to get angry and would scold him as she placed it back. It happened every day for a few years every day. One day, the man had a change of mind. He started replacing the cap every day. After a week, he proudly said to his wife: “Did you notice the toothpaste?” Wife said: “Yes, I wanted to ask you, why have you stopped brushing your teeth?” Like the wife who could not trust or expect her husband to change, many of us do not trust others. Instead, the other person is always considered as an errant or sinner or criminal.
Dangerous Saul? Lord Jesus Christ met Saul, the persecutor on the Damascus Road. He was transformed that he became an ardent follower of Lord Jesus Christ. In fact, he preached boldly about his newfound faith in Damascus and had to escape as he was lowered down the city wall by his friends. (Acts 9: 23-25) He came to Jerusalem to join the church. But the people in the church in Jerusalem were afraid of him and did not believe he was transformed. (Acts 9:26) People in Jerusalem were familiar with persecutor Saul and did not believe in disciple Paul.
Courageous Barnabas: However, Barnabas was different, a radical person. He trusted God and trusted people too. Boldly, he took Paul and brought him to the Apostles. (Acts 9:27) Unlike others in the Jerusalem church, Barnabas was not afraid, and had discernment of the Spirit of God.
Trusted a failed missionary: Barnabas also trusted John Mark, who failed the tests of missionary as he went to Jerusalem from Pamphylia, in the midst of a missionary trip. (Acts 13:13) Paul was adamant not to take John Mark on the next trip, but Barnabas trusted that God could transform John Mark and his best is yet to come. (Acts 15: 36-41) Transformed Mark was appreciated by Paul also. (Philemon 1:24; II Timothy 4:11)
Do I trust God to transform people?