God’s word is not chained

One young woman volunteered in a closed country ruled by a dictator. She was an English language teacher. She was informed about restrictions and the government could expel her if she indulged in the conversion of local people. One room for her stay was allotted, and it was fitted with a bug – a miniature microphone to monitor her. They wanted to know if she brought any students home and shared Christ with them. The alert teacher did a fantastic thing. Every day she would read the Bible passages in English and the local language so that security personnel who monitor may hear the Truth. In her twenty years of service there, she read the bible daily, as a Sower sows the seeds. She expects 30,60- and 100-fold fruit in eternity. Paul declares that God’s Word is not chained or bound or arrested or restrained. (II Timothy 2:9)
In season: There would be the right context, open doors, and opportunities to share the gospel. In some parts of the world, preaching is welcomed, and people listen. That season of their listening should be used effectively to preach the gospel.
Out of season: In certain countries, the doors for the gospel are shut. This young woman was the bearer of the Word of God in one such country. There was no open door or opportunity, yet she was able to proclaim the truth.
Visible or invisible: It is easy to preach when the audience is visible. For mass media, the audience is assured. However, in this woman’s context, there was no guarantee of how many people would hear. She will not be able to know or see those listeners.
Creative ways: The mission must be accomplished using several creative ways. If some methods do not work, other methods should be developed.
Stewardship: This young woman was a steward of all God-given resources and opportunities. In fact, she used the gadgets of enemies to amplify and multiply the messages of the Bible. Sovereign God could use the wicked and their systems to channel his message.
Do I creatively and dynamically share the Word?