World-class service

Service to people has been commodified and commercialized. The services that should be done with concern, love, and care, have become money-making enterprises. In one city in India, there was a great advertisement for Ambulance services, with toll-free calls. The patients who traveled in that ambulance, which claimed to have world-class facilities, were a nightmare. When a journalist questioned the company about the world-class facility, the owners replied: ‘Ours is the only ambulance in the country that has a toilet facility attached.’ Why is the toilet facility required for a few minutes’ journey? Can patients who lay on a stretcher use it? The Bible warns against false claims, futile facilities, and fancy advertisements: “A false balance is an abomination to the Lord.” God does not approve of differing scales, which means differing standards. Just scales, values, and standards belong to the Lord. (Proverbs 11:1; 20:10; 16:11)
Word jargon: Some people cleverly use legal words, that would confuse people and cheat them. The credit card companies will state life-long free cards but will charge as per what is written in microscopic fonts, that no one could read.
False promises: There are many real-estate promoters, who promise to hand over apartments or houses to the buyers on a specific date. Most of them do not deliver and sometimes delay it for months and a few never do.
Substandard quality: Many makers provide products or services of substandard quality.
Misleading advertisements: Many advertisements promise miracles that are beyond medical scrutiny; like miraculous growth ointment of hair for bald heads or medicine to deliver from alcoholic addiction.
Foolish endorsements: Some businesspeople are clever to hire a celebrity to endorse their projects or ventures. While the celebrity gains a lot of money, people are cheated. Later the celebrity disowns their own endorsements.
Taking advantage of: When people are in need or distressed or with a sense of urgency, others could take advantage. The ambulance service is required when a person is sick, suffering, in pain, and needs urgent medical attention. Sadly, they are deceived.
Is honesty my best policy?

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