The Pharisees were always asking questions, murmuring and sometimes seeking signs. Lord said they were a wicked and adulterous generation seeking signs. (Matthew 12:39) Lord also said that Greater than Jonah, Solomon and Temple is here. (Matthew 12: 6, 38-42)
1) Temple: Jerusalem Temple was nation’s delight and was Centre of their national, cultural and religious life. God met His people in the Temple. Sacrifice also happened in the Temple worship. Lord Jesus claimed that He was greater than Temple furniture (altar, ark of covenant, shew bread, light, incense); as Lamb of God than sacrifices; then priests as Eternal Priest in the Order of Melchizedek.
2) Jonah: Lord Jesus is greater than all Prophets including Jonah. Indeed, Jonah was one of the most successful prophets. His ‘reluctant and inadequate’ message made 1,20,000 people to repent. Jonah experience in the stomach of fish and his new life is like a dim shadow of Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. For Jewish people, Resurrection was the sign given for them to believe.
3) Solomon: Of all humans in the history of humanity, Solomon was the wisest. His wisdom includes several disciplines of politics, philosophy, nature, science, architecture, law, management, business…etc. Queen of Sheba and other kings around the world heard about his wisdom and came seeking to listen and learn from him. The visit of Queen of Sheba is mentioned elaborately in the Scripture. (I Kings 10:1-13)
Temple inspires a person to feel God’s awesome presence and His Holiness. Prophets point us to the Word of God, demanding repentance and reconciliation with God. Lord Jesus Christ is the power and wisdom of God, greater than Solomon. (I Corinthians 1:24)
Do I know Lord who is greater than Priests, Prophets and Kings?

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