Growing stewards

Lord Jesus Christ taught the Parable of Ten Minas in the city of Jericho. (Luke 19:11-27) This parable is different from the Parable of the Talents. (Matthew 25: 14-30) A nobleman went to a far country to receive the kingdom and then return.
Resources: The Master called ten of his servants and gave them ten minas each, that is about three months wages of a laborer. God has given certain resources to all in equal measure. For example, twenty-four hours’ time is a gift for all humans irrespective of their education, race, employment, age, nationality, and context. Of course, there are Talents given to all humans, and Spiritual Gifts given to each believer, which vary from person to person.
Authority: The noble man said: “Engage in business until I come.” His authority was delegated or shared with these ten people. God has given us the privilege and authority to share the gospel.
Responsibility: They were expected to go out, use their wisdom, creativity, opportunity along with the minas and earn profit. Each person could operate in his own arena of call, interest, and expertise. Those who are diligent would be able to harness all opportunities to bring maximum benefit.
Accountability: The noble man returned after three months and demanded accounts from the ten servants. Without accountability, resources, authority, and responsibility could be unused, misused, or abused. The parable records the three servants who gave accounts. The first two came back with success, one gaining ten more minas and the other gaining five more minas. The third came back with excuses: Master is a severe man, take what you do not deposit and reap what you did not sow. Master then asked why he did not at least deposit in the bank so that he could have got some interest.
Growth: The Master snatched the ten minas the lazy, unproductive, worthless, and foolish servant had and gave it to the servant who had twenty minas. Those who have and use it wisely will get more resources. One who has but denies that he will lose whatever was given.
Am I a growing steward?