High priestly prayer

The high priestly prayer or Farewell Prayer is recorded in John’s gospel. (John 17:1-26) This is the longest prayer of Lord, as he concluded his meeting with his disciples in the Upper Room. This also provides us insight about Lord Jesus’ intercession now seated in the right hand of God. (Hebrews 7:25; Colossians 3:1)
1) Glorification (John 17:1-5): Lord prayed for His glorification based on completion of work on this earth. Lord had completed his work to show Grace, Truth and Glory to the world.
2) Intercession for disciples (6-10): Lord prayed to Father that he had given the word to the disciples. As Lord belonged to Father, disciples also belong to Him. Lord Jesus is glorified through His disciples.
3) Preservation & Sanctification: (11-19) Lord Jesus prayed that he had preserved all disciples except the ‘son of destruction’ – Judas. Lord prayed for preservation of disciples. Also, he prayed for sanctification of disciples through His Word. It is encouraging to know Lord preserves and sanctifies.
4) Petition for Unity (17:20-23) Lord prayed for unity of disciples as Father and Lord are one. In the world we see so many denominations and that to fighting with one another, which saddens our Lord. However, when Lord comes, we all would be one.
5) Unity & Fellowship: (17:24-26) The world does not know the Father, but Son knows the Father. Disciples know that Father has sent the Son. Lord made known to the world the Father to disciples and continue to reveal so that Father’s love be manifest in the disciples. This also mandates disciples to be involved in making disciples in their own context and beyond.
Am I part of answered prayer of this High Priestly Prayer?