Honourable Covenant of Marriage

Recently one celebrity said: “Marriage is an outdated institution.” Another said: “There is no happy marriage.” Lobbyists wish to redefine marriage: like giving legal status to homosexual marriages, live-in-relationships, polygamy, polyandry…etc. The Bible clearly warns: “Let marriage be held in honor among all.” (Hebrews 13:5)
1) Honouring God: God created the first human institution of marriage. It is not an evolved idea or cultural idea or some philosopher’s suggestion. Creating a female Eve for Adam and uniting them as one flesh (body) was God’s initiative. God created this institution in the Garden of Eden, while the Son of God attested this institution by performing a miraculous song in the Wedding at Cana. (John 2:1-11)
2) Honouring Law: God’s Law teaches that marriage is a covenant between a male and female. It is Union of two persons in all aspects of life: spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and material life. Monogamy is God’s plan for families.
3) Honouring Spouse: Only the Bible teaches a husband to love his wife. In many cultures, a wife is an object or possession or property to be owned or disposed of at will. Honouring spouse by Sacrificing love, purifying love, caring love, leaving and cleaving love. (I Corinthians 13; Genesis 2:24) It is not power struggle or power play but mutual submission – obedience. (Ephesians 5:21-23)
4) Honouring children: Home is where children are nurtured, strengthened, and taught to become great. The Lord trusted Abraham to teach his descendants the way of the Lord. (Genesis 18:19) Those children will teach the nations; thus, Abraham would be a blessing to many nations.
5) Honouring Church: Christ and church relationship is described as a wedding; Lord Jesus as bridegroom and the church as bride. Thus, the Lord gave high priority and status for marriage.
6) Honouring Society: Family is the building block for any society. When there is failure of family life, the community, society, and nation will suffer.
7) Honouring Nation: Strong families make a strong nation. When citizens are loyal to their families, they will be loyal to their neighbours, community, and nation.
Do I hold marriage in high esteem?