How can I tell the truth?

There was an interesting posting on WhatsApp: How can I tell the truth? Facebook blocks it; Twitter deletes it; Google hides it; YouTube bans it; Media censors it, Government forbids it.
Ancient story: There was an emperor who had on one occasion a few sycophants gathered and discussed Brinjal (eggplant) and decided that it was the most useless of all vegetables. The Prime Minister fully agreed to this. After a few months, in another discussion, it was concluded that it was the healthiest of all vegetables. The Prime Ministry fully agreed to this. Suddenly the emperor remembered the previous conversation and asked the Prime Minister why this contradiction? “Sir, I am not working for Brinjal, I work for you. What use is it to support Brinjal instead of you? I am faithful to you and not to brinjal.” For the Prime Minister to please the emperor, holding on to position and power was more important than the fact or truth.
Words of Powerful: For many people, truth is what is spoken by people who hold power or authority. For the Prime Minister, the words of the emperor were the truth. Powerful authoritative governments create narratives or hold on to myths as truth.
Anything is true: Many people think anything, and everything is true. So, nothing should be contradicted or confronted. All should be accepted as equal and valid, and that is tolerance.
Faithfulness or truthfulness? In many cultures, loyalty or faithfulness is the highest value. Servants, slaves, spouses, children, and siblings are expected to be loyal. A master may hit a servant, who loses his eyesight. He will not complain to law authorities, as he must be faithful to his master as he has eaten the salt.
Honor or truth? A married woman could be tortured by her husband and other family members. She cannot file a case against them as she is the custodian of the ‘family honor’.
Lord Jesus said: I am the truth. His followers know, follow, speak, and live the truth amid a falsehood-saturated world.
Do I know the truth?