Great Boom and Great Gloom

In this parable, a man has a great harvest, perhaps an unexpected dividend from the share market. He thought he would extend his warehouses, and enjoy life for a long time. However, he will die and all he earned will be for the benefit of someone else. (Luke 12:13-21)
Blunder One: He asked the wrong question: Instead of asking, “What God wants me to do?”; He asked, ‘What shall I do?” to himself. Many questions we ask in life are self-centered and not God-centered or God-glorifying. Humans are not arbitrators of their own lives.
Blunder Two: Wrong approach to life: He said it was ‘my crops’ or ‘my fruits’. The crops grow and multiply because God is benevolent that he sends sunlight, water, and minerals and puts the capacity to multiply in each seed. He claimed credit for the bumper harvest.
Blunder Three: Wrong philosophy of life: He thought that there was plenty that could be sufficient for might be the next ten generations. He is getting early retirement to enjoy life. The life given is not to be idle, rest, and relax. We are called to work, work hard so that God could bless us. Easy lifestyle philosophy had just three words: eat, drink and be merry. There is also no dignity of labor or meaning for work. The rich man thought he could rejoice and celebrate because of his richness rather than his relationship with God.
Blunder Four: Wrong Understanding about God: In the Bible ‘fool’ is one who does not believe in God or His existence. This rich man ordered his life in such a way with scant regard for God. God was not in his thoughts or lifestyle, or decisions. He was smart and wise by the world’s standards but poor, naked and exposed, and condemned by God’s standards. Sadly, his wealth will all be enjoyed by someone else.
The rich man was wise, strategic, future-oriented, and also success oriented. However, in God’s eyes, he was a complete failure and disaster.
Am I wise and rich in faith?