First: Seek His Kingdom

Lord and Saviour: When a person repents from sin, being sorrowful for sinfulness, seek to forsake old life, and receives in faith the vicarious death of Lord Jesus on the cross of Calvary followed by His burial, resurrection, and ascension; that person is born again and is spiritually transformed. Also, that person is snatched away from the Satanic kingdom and planted in the kingdom of God. (Acts 26:16-18) God’s kingdom or rule encroaches on or embraces a person. Lord Jesus Christ becomes the Lord of all aspects, and aspirations of life. Enjoying the Lordship and inviting others to the Kingdom of God is the purpose of spiritual life.
Priority: Many things in the world are considered a priority by various people. Nation, Political party, ideology, science, business, sports, food, adventure, philosophy, religious rituals, family, and children… could be the priority of some. However, for all disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God is the priority.
Seek: Disciples should be proactive participants in the Kingdom of God. The disciples are citizens of the Kingdom. (Philippians 3:20) However, they are sent into the world as ambassadors to represent the Kingdom of God. (II Corinthians 5:20) The job is inviting people to be reconciled with God.
Kingdom paradigm and Principle: The kingdom of God paradigm is unique, excellent, and superior to any other worldview or way of life. This kingdom is not about pride or possessions or power. Truth is the basis for this kingdom; as Scripture affirms God is Truth, Lord Jesus is the Truth and the Word of God is the truth. This kingdom is unshakeable, that is eternal. (Hebrews 12:28)
Righteousness: The value system of the Kingdom of God is righteousness. God is Holy and his holiness is manifested as righteousness in the Kingdom. Those who are in the Kingdom of God do what is right in the sight of God for the glory of God.
Add – on: When the disciple’s priority is right, his provisions are also assured. Food, dress, and other needs will be graciously granted.
Do I first seek the Kingdom of God?