Importance of the Old Testament

One person, who claimed to be a bible scholar, said that the Old Testament is not necessary in his nation for the churches. The New Testament is more than sufficient. He also asserted that each nation, culture, or people group could have its own Old Testament and add the New Testament to that as the bible for their nation or culture. Sadly, that scholar neither understood the New Testament nor the Old Testament. The four gospels, Acts of Apostles, Twenty-one Letters, and Revelation. The Christian Bible has thirty-nine Old Testament books which are used by Jews and twenty-seven books of the New Testament.
Continuation: The New Testament is the continuation of the Old Testament. It is not a new start from scratch but an unfolding of God’s work and mystery to humanity.
Prophecy: The life, teaching, ministry, and miracles of Lord Jesus Christ have been foretold in the Old Testament. It is not possible to understand the New Testament without the light of the Old Testament.
Attestation: Lord Jesus claimed that the Old Testament Law written by Moses was about Him. (John 5:46) He shared with the disciples on the Emmaus Road after resurrection how Law, Prophets, and Psalms testified about him.
Apostle teaching: Paul taught on every sabbath in synagogues proving the Old Testament (Acts 17:23) Paul also exhorted Timothy to preach from the Old Testament. (II Timothy 4:2)
Training in righteousness: Paul asserts that the Old Testament provides training in righteousness. Those who believe and meditate would be equipped to do good work.
Example and Instruction: Paul writes that what is recorded in the Old Testament is an example and warning. Learning from the history of the Nation of Israel and the people of God is valuable instruction for our Christian life. (I Corinthians 10:6,11)
The root of the gospel: The Gospel is rooted in the Old Testament. The gospel account written by Matthew begins with the genealogy of the Lord Jesus Christ. Abraham and David are important personalities in understanding the person of Lord Jesus Christ. (Matthew 1:1)
Do I enjoy studying the Old Testament along with the New Testament?