Indiscipline and culture

At an airport, two flights of the same company were about to take off from two adjacent gates. One flight boarding was orderly, people moved in queue patiently and it was according to the seats. The other flight boarding was chaotic, with people pushing one another, and not following a single line, but the airline official did not bother. When asked for such contrasting behavior the airline official said: “Sir, people of this city are well behaved and one instruction is enough to make a smooth boarding process. The other city people are unruly and managing them is not possible.”
Culture: Certain cultures are abusive and aggressive that the strongest or most powerful get all privileges and preference. Others would be marginalized and even oppressed. Without Truth and True light, they live as if God does not exist. They are not afraid of the future or judgment, as God does not exist, or he does not have the capacity to punish or judge. Inevitably, they follow the jungle law propagated by Charles Darwin: The survival of the fittest.
Civilized: Giving preference to those who are old, infirm, sick, and mothers with children is civilized behavior. Uncivilized people think it is fun to oppress such unfortunate people.
Courteous behavior: Lord Jesus taught his disciples: Love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:37-39) Loving neighbors includes sacrifice, adjustment, and giving preference to others. Esteeming others and encouraging others is not easy.
Care and respect: Treating others as more honorable is hard for many, but Paul exhorts to treat others with greater honor. (Romans 12:10) The ‘pride of life’ principle of the world creates a superiority complex that disregards and demeans others.
Careful to follow rules: Rule of law must be upheld, and it should not be broken by any person. Rules apply to all equally. The airline officials thought they were not as rich as the travelers and hence considered themselves as less in status according to social and economic scales. Hence, they lacked the courage to implement the rules and allow people to rush like a herd of animals.
Am I a disciplined disciple of our Lord?