Foolish confidence

People who do not think, reflect, reason, discern, analyze and understand become like animals. They do not know the purpose or meaning of life, hence perish like beasts, into a second death in the Lake of fire. “Man in his pomp yet without understanding is like the beasts that perish.” (Psalms 49:20) They have confidence that is dubbed as “Foolish Confidence.” (Psalms 49:13)
Riches of possession: Few people in the world have great possessions, like assets, businesses, bank balances, gold, bitcoins, and shares. It is foolish to trust in them. Voltaire, who denied the existence of God and campaigned against Christ, the church, and the gospel, was super rich but ended his life in despair. On his deathbed, he pleaded with his doctor to extend his life by six months and was willing to give half of his wealth.
Riches of deeds: Some people like to do good to others. They try to bring changes to society.
Riches of knowledge: Some intellectuals have a vast knowledge of many subjects or a deep knowledge about a particular area of study.
Riches of character: There are good in their words, deeds, behavior, and relationships. They are considered pious, spiritual, or righteous.
Rich towards God: In the parable of the rich fool, Lord Jesus said that man was rich in the world but not rich towards God. A person could be rich towards God, by giving to people in need and also trusting/depending on the Lord for everything. (Luke 12:33; 18:22; I Timothy 6:17-18; Revelation 3:17-18)
Rich in faith: There are poor who are rich in faith. (James 2:5) Riches are generally obstructive to spiritual progress. A Christian’s faith is tested like gold and is more valuable than gold. (I Peter 1:7)
Rich in heaven: Lord Jesus taught disciples to store treasures in heaven, where it is not moth-eaten or rusted or stolen. (Matthew 6:19-20) Believers should invest their worldly riches to make disciples, who would welcome them in the eternal heavenly dwellings. (Luke 16:9)
Am I rich in faith, towards God with treasures in heaven?