Delayed sense

Ganesh and Ranjana Padvi of Tapi district in Gujarat wanted to get married. However, both family members were not in favor of their marriage. They were opposed, verbally abused, and humiliated. Sadly, they committed suicide by hanging. After one year, the family has recognized their error and foolishness. They wanted to do some compensation or anything that would give rest to their pricky conscience. The family decided to unite the ‘unlucky couple’. Idols resembling both were made. On 14 January 2023 the ‘idol pair’ were married in a ‘perfect marriage.’ (Zee news 19 January 2023)
Freedom of choice: Basically, youngsters were not given the freedom to choose. The family or cultural norms or laws of a country could deprive a person of using the God-given freedom of choice. God created Adam and Eve, placed them in an ideal environment, and gave them Free Will. Sadly, they chose to misuse their freedom, as they disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit. (Genesis 3) Humans do not have the authority to deprive a person of their dignity or freedom.
Disillusioned: When the family members opposed their marriage, the youngsters were disillusioned. Hope was not apparent, for the couple, for a peaceful life in this world.
Suicide: God is the author and Lord of life of all. No one has the authority to take one’s life or another’s life. The Ten Commandments teach: You shall not murder. (Exodus 20:13)
Guilt conscience: After one year, the relatives realized their blunder. They were responsible for the death of two youngsters who had future, potential, and dreams. Their conscience tormented them. King David writes a guilty person feels like bones are being wasted or shattered. (Psalms 32:3)
Bizzare ritual memorial: To ease their stressed conscience, they made idols of the dead boy and girl, and conducted the marriage of the idols according to traditions. It is like the Israelites killed the prophets and later memorials were built in honor of them. (Luke 11:47) It is a futile exercise and could never bring justice to those who are dead.
Do I do good and just what is appropriate?