Salt Waste

Salt is good and has multiple uses. It provides taste, adds flavor, preserves food, heals gum diseases, cleans wounds, disinfectants injuries, and soothes inflamed tissues. Salt was expensive and valuable in ancient days. The disciples of the Lord are called to be salt of the earth. (Matthew 5:13-16) That means they are catalysts, transformers, value-adders, preservers, and healers in society.
Chemical combination: Common salt is a combination of two chemicals. Sodium and Chloride integrate that have one electron. Hence, salt is stable in a crystalline form.
Loss of saltiness: However, if the salt loses its saltiness, it has no value or purpose. (Luke 14:34-35) It is just fit to be thrown away, and people could walk over it.
Sacrifice and salt: In the Old Testament, a covenant of salt was practiced. With all sacrifices salt was added. (Leviticus 2:13)
Impurity in salt: Salt in its raw form is not easy to process. There would be impurities like chemicals, sand, minute stones…etc. These impurities could corrupt the salt.
Salt in oven: Salt is put on fire in middle east nations to enhance the temperature of the rock to bake bread. Salt is also used as a catalyst along with the fuel-dried cow dung in a furnace and oven. After some time or several uses, the salt loses its saltiness. Then, the salt is thrown out and will be walked over people.
Dilution by water: Salt is non-reactive in its crystalline form. But when mixed with water it is affected.
Electricity: Salt can be affected by electric currents. Salt in water is a conductor of electricity that could be dangerous too.
Believers as salt: As chosen people of God, Christians are called to be a catalyst to enhance the life of communities and nations. They ought to preserve moral values, spirituality, justice, and righteousness in society. Diluting their spiritual life would expose them to the attack of Satan and worldliness. The ideologies of the world, traditions, and rituals should not give electric shocks, they should be resistant to them by His Word.
Am I losing my saltiness?