Inferiority complex?

One person was always ashamed of his parents, because they were illiterate and poor. Though he studied well and came up in life, he tried to hide his past from his peers. He will not invite friends’ home as he did not want to expose his poor family background and living in a small hut without any furniture. This ‘inferiority complex’ continuously affected his emotional and mental life. Once, when hear heard about Lord Jesus Christ his life was transformed. He understood that Lord Jesus life on this earth could have made him feel ‘inferior’ and ‘useless’. Instead he shines as Light of the world and savior of humanity. People feel inferior for a variety of reasons. Let us look at Lord Jesus’ life.
1) Birth: Lord Jesus was born in a cow-shed – no pre-natal or post-natal care of any kind. (Luke 2:7)
2) Poor parents: Joseph and Mary were poor that they could not afford a normal sacrifice to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus, hence offered two pigeons. (Luke 2:24)
3) Refugees: The wise men from East gave information about the ‘newborn king’ which Herod was afraid of. He planned to kill infant Jesus. They had to rush to Egypt and live as refugees. (Matthew 2:13)
4) Blue-collar job: Joseph was a humble carpenter, dirtying his hands while he worked, so was Lord Jesus. It was blue-collar job by today’s standards.
5) Homeless: He was homeless: “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.” (Luke 9:58)
6) Borrowed money: To teach and demonstrate a truth, Lord Jesus had borrowed a denarius. (Luke 20:24) He had to perform a miracle to pay temple tax. (Matthew 17:27)
7) Only possession: Only thing the death execution squad could find was one garment and they put lot to grab it. (Matthew 27:35)

‘Inferiority Complex’ is a state of mind that hinders many people to lose their potential, opportunities and progress. Lord Jesus identifying with humans who were tormented by ‘inferiority complex’ but lived in perfect peace.

Do I have Perfect Peace or sick with Inferiority Complex?
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