Inferiority complex!

An inferiority complex is characterized by constant feelings of inadequacy or insecurity in a person’s daily life due to a belief that s/he is physically or mentally or spiritually or financially inferior to others, whether such a belief is based on fact or just imagination. Sadly, the inferiority complex has brought dangerous consequences for individuals, families, communities, and nations. Saul is a classic example of being a victim of an inferiority complex that ruined his life, his family, and the Nation of Israel. Saul’s statement provides his pathetic inferiority complex. (I Samuel 22:8)
Envy: King Saul was not secure in God’s call and his position as the first King of Israel. He was threatened by the accomplishment of a teenager who defeated Goliath in one-to-one combat. When women celebrated the victory, they joyfully gave David ten thousand credits and Saul just one thousand credits. That infuriated and depressed Saul. (I Samuel 18:7)
Conspiracy: He mustered his army to chase one teenager David, whom he presumed a terrorist. In the city of Nob, dwelt by priests, no one knew why David came there. But Saul accused the priests: “All of you have conspired against me.” An insecure person thinks all are against him, including nature, even those who do not know him/her at all. Later Saul kills all eighty-five priests and their families in Nob. (I Samuel 22:18-19)
Secrets: Saul said that Jonathan his son made a covenant with David, and it was concealed from him deliberately. It was probably a private covenant, and no one knew it. Yet Saul accuses all that no one is loyal to him.
Loyalty: Saul expected his son Jonathan to be on his side, even when he was doing injustice and unrighteous deeds. However, Jonathan stood for truth. Saul thought it was a lack of loyalty. In many cultures, loyalty that is blind and does not take into consideration the truth or facts is applauded.
No one is sorry for me: Saul felt no one sympathized with his misery.
Those who are not secure in Christ will be afflicted by an inferiority complex.
Am I secure in Christ Jesus?