Comparative Poverty syndrome

A missionary couple toiled in North India for over a decade. Due to health issues, the couple returned to their home state with their two children. Earlier, they had worked for the government. Their friends, colleagues and classmates were promoted, owned houses, cars, children in the best institutions and enjoyed a high-income lifestyle. This family of four were seen as fools, irrelevant, and had lost the decade. For life, they will be condemned to lead a life of poverty. The couple and the teenage children were perplexed. They experienced as Richard Foster states: Comparative Poverty Syndrome. Did they make a mistake? Was it a poor decision to go as a missionary? Were they let down by the Church?
Fools for Christ: The believers in the city of Corinth also thought that Paul was a fool, and so were his companions. (I Corinthians 4:10) Tent-making was a flourishing business, why should Paul become a fool to preach Christ and suffer hunger, thirst, and persecution? Luke, his companion could have been an esteemed Medical Practitioner based in Rome, instead, he roams with Paul. It is not just the people who do not know Lord Jesus Christi ridicule Paul and others; sadly, even the believers. It is the same even today. Christians who are obsessed with prosperity and blessings, consider the mission a waste of time or the work of some fools.
Spirit of Glory: The Holy Spirit ministered to those who experienced Comparative Poverty Syndrome. Peter wrote that genuine followers of Lord Jesus Christ will be insulted, ridiculed, and humiliated. However, the Holy Spirit reminds them of their glory in Christ and eternal rewards. “If you are insulted for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and God rests upon you.” (I Peter 4:14)
Rich toward God: Millions of God’s servants and saints who have poured out their lives for the gospel and His Kingdom could be poor, unappreciated, and ignored. But they are rich toward God. (Luke 12:21) Their riches are eternal, uncorrupted, and undiminished.
Do I experience Comparative Poverty Syndrome or the Spirit of Glory?