Information to Involvement

This era is called the Information Era. There is information overload that creates paralysis in the minds of people. However, Nehemiah teaches how information can be used positively and productively.
Information: If Nehemiah had lived in this digital communication era, he must have received a WhatsApp message. It would have been a video from Hanani, one of his brothers that shows the ruins of Jerusalem, the fallen walls, and missing gates. (Nehemiah 1:1-3) He should have forwarded such a message to many groups. However, Nehemiah did something different.
Interpretation: He interpreted the message as a lack of security, shame, and sorrow for Jews. Without walls, the city was vulnerable to attack from enemies. Jerusalem cannot flourish without the walls and gates.
Introspection: He examined himself, his people, and the nation from God’s perspective. The Law of God was broken, true worship was abandoned, many new gods came into their lives, and they were defeated by enemies.
Intercession: Knowing for sure that only God could intervene and help, he fasted, mourned, prayed, and interceded. Nehemiah confessed his sins, the sins of his forefathers and the people of God. He acknowledged God’s greatness and his covenant-keeping faithfulness. Lord has done what he had warned, Jews scattered. Nehemiah prayed that there was a promise to gather back the people. (Nehemiah 1: 4-11)
Involvement: The prayers made Nehemiah concerned more about the city walls of Jerusalem. His love for God and the people of God made him sad and sick. It overwhelmed him that he, as cupbearer of the king, could not be cheerful in the presence of the king Artaxerxes. His face showed his spiritual turmoil, which was deducted by the king. When the king enquired why he looked sorrowful, Nehemiah expressed his anguish about Jerusalem. The king gave him leave to go and get the walls of Jerusalem built. (Nehemiah 2: 1-8)
Inspection: Nehemiah went to Jerusalem, and secretly inspected the ruined city, the walls, and gates.
Installation: Inspiring and instructing his fellow countrymen, Nehemiah builds the walls and installs the gates of Jerusalem in a record time of 52 days. (Nehemiah 6:15)
Do I use information productively?