Lousy food

In a bible college hostel food was served, which was above average. Yet, there were some rich spoiled kids, who considered the food as lousy and would go out in groups to eat in nearby eateries, fast-food places, or restaurants. The Israelites in the wilderness journey also considered the Manna as a lousy food. There are three murmurs recorded in the Book of Numbers and Exodus. (Exodus 16; Numbers 11; Numbers 21:5)
Lack of food: They have been out of Egypt for a month, as they had left on the fifteenth of the previous month. (Exodus 12:18) The supply they brought, perhaps was over, as they had hurried out of Egypt. Still, they had flocks and herds, they could easily eat slaughtering them too. The Israelites were not experiencing hunger but were anticipating hunger. There was neither malnutrition nor death due to starvation. None of them swooned because of hunger. Yet, they were vociferously complaining.
Lack of variety: When Israelites left Egypt, some non-Israelites also accompanied them. (Exodus 12:38) They could have been other slaves or some Egyptians who came with the livestock. They craved meat and instigated Israel to crave it.
Lousy Manna: Manna was the name given by the Israelites, as they did not know what it was. God called it bread from heaven. It was also mentioned as angel’s food. (Exodus 16: 4, 15, 31; Psalm 78:24,25) Sadly, they thought angels ate such lousy food.
Lack of gratitude: Israel sinned because of ingratitude. They had selective memories about the food but forgot about the bitter slavery. (Exodus 1:14) In fact, they twisted their interpretation of the past to justify their present complaints.
Lack of faith: Their lack of faith was like that of Adam and Eve, who thought God was withholding something good or better or best (to become like gods) from them.
Lack of eternal perspective: They were slow to learn that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord. (Deuteronomy 8:3)
Do I have a grateful heart to receive all from the Good Lord?