Garden of Gods

In Colorado Springs, there is a beautiful garden that is called ‘The Garden of Gods.’ The Hanging Gardens of Nebuchadnezzar was considered one of the wonders of the ancient world. In the Bible, there are many gardens mentioned.
Garden of Eden: The first human couple Adam and Eve were placed in custom-designed, elaborately planned, and the most beautiful Garden of Eden. God came to meet this couple to have fellowship with them daily. Sadly, the disguised Satan in the form of a serpent deceived them to eat the forbidden fruit. The Fall of humans happened in the best-ever environment. This is the garden of disobedience, rebellion, and curse. (Genesis 3)
Garden of Gethsemane: Lord Jesus Christ prayed asking Father to remove the cup of wrath, destined for sinners as judgment to be poured upon Him. Lord surrendered to redeem humanity and began His final journey to Calvary to die for humanity. This is the garden of obedience and surrender. (Matthew 26:36-45)
Garden tomb: After crucifixion and death, Joseph of Arimathea was generous enough to give his tomb in the garden for the Lord to be buried. (John 19:41) There behind the sealed tomb was Lord buried. On the third day, the Lord rose from the dead, and that seal and stone rolled away. The garden of victory and eternal hope.
A believer’s heart: Without the Lord Jesus Christ a person’s life/heart is like a wilderness, unproductive like a haunting place. When the grace of God transforms a person, his heart is like a garden with sweet spices. It becomes His garden. (Song of Solomon 4:16) As a disciple offers as a living sacrifice, that is a sweet aroma that rises to heaven. (Romans 12:2)
Church: The church is also considered the Garden of God. A garden is always separated from its surroundings, enclosed. The church is a community, God as a gardener removes the weeds and prunes the plants to make them productive.
Paradise in heaven: Revelation describes heaven with rivers of water of life, trees of life, and twelve different fruits. (Revelation 22:1-9)
Is the Paradise of heaven, my eternal destination?